Sentosasilk…our humble beginning
SentoSaSilk started its operations in a small flat located in the busy streets along Phnom Penh’s riverside.

During its initiation, The founder finds the opportunity for disable Cambodians to have a place in the society and  help improved their well being by providing them job. SentoSaSilk started with two tailors Mr. Ek Ty and Mr Pan Channuern who are both with physical disabilities. They were​sourced from a Cambodian national organization for disabled personsSince then, the two were developed as master trainers and decently working up to now as trainers/teachers of SentoSaSilk.

As the company finds it growth, more disabled persons were given chances to get decent jobs. On top of that, new fresh young aspiring graduates from poor families were given opportunities to get trained 
by SentoSaSilk and, more young citizens was able to acquire good working ambience and professional management experiences. Moreover,  craftswomen and weavers in different provinces were developed  as entrepreneurs  providing sustainable income to their communities.

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